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Sk Geosynthetics Co.,Ltd is located in Jinan, Shandong province. TIt is committed to the basic research and application development of geosynthetics for many years, and has grown into a large-scale professional geosynthetics enterprise integrating R&D, production, sale, construction and services.
  The company main products include three-layer co-extrusion inflation film manufacturing machine (inner cooling, automatic controlling breadth and a high-altitude breadth expanding system introduced from Germany), calendaring geomembrane production line, 8.5m geotextile production line with extra width introduced by the domestic enterprise for the first time, 7m composite geomembrane production line with extra width three-meter-wide once-shaping waterproof drainage board production line with patented technologies, as well as geogrid production line. The company can manufacture various geosynthetics, such as geotextile, geomembrane, composite geomembrane, band drain, geosynthetic clay liner, waterproof drainage board, composite drainage network, geogrid, geonet, and geocell, among which the annual output of geomembrane 0.1mm-3.0mm is 20000t, geotextile 100g/m2-800g/m2 16 million square meters, composite geomembrane (one-textile-one-membrane, two-textile-one-membrane, multiple-textile-multiple-membrane) 10 million square meters, waterproof drainage board (with 5 specifications) 15 million square meters, geosynthetic clay liner 6 million square meters, composite drainage network 6 million square meters, and geogrid 15 million square meters. Its products are widely applied in areas such as environmental protection, sanitation, water conservancy, public works, parks and gardens, petrochemical industry, mining industry, means of transportation, agriculture, aquaculture industry and salt industry, which are sold throughout the country, and exported to such countries as South Africa, Algeria, Uzbekistan, Russia, Australia and Israel, etc.


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SK Geosynthetics Co.,Ltd

High Technology Develop Zone, No.9 Jiangshuiquan Road, Jinan City, Shandong Province, China


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